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BLITZ Stickers!

YAY! WE ordered sweet Stickers today! right now we have 49 followers! I’ll send out stickers to our 50th follower! Along with anyone who submits new resources to the blog!

***The purpose of our blog is to create an open resource and personal interaction for the Trans* community. There fore we ask that you include contact info in your submissions, so our users can speak with you first hand about your personal posts to our site.***

Some things we’re looking for

  • Trans* person of the month - (Tell us your story, accomplishments, goals/include photos etc.)
  • Artist of the month - We will promote an artist for the month, displaying art, writing, photography (Please include 5-10 pieces of work/bio/website ect.)
  • Artists - One piece of work, a link to you or your work and contact info for our directory
  • Resource links for any of our categories

  • Natural Transition Stories 
  •  Surgery Before and After photos

The more followers the more Merchandise and Giveaways i can do! Thanks for following and your support <3 BLITZ


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