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Out of the box and into the bookstore! My book is now available on If you live in the Bay, you can also find it at Pegasus Books in Rockridge (Oakland) or the one in downtown Berkeley.

Please help spread the word about this book on social media using the hashtag #QTAOC (for Queer and Trans Artists of Color).

Thanks to @WeilyLang and Kelly ShortAndQueer for sending my photos of themselves with the book! If you post photos of YOURself with the book and tag them #QTAOC, I will be sure to reblog them! <3

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i’m getting round to old projects i started. if any of you remember i had this idea ages ago but never ran with it until tonight.

so here are the posters i made :) enjoy!

I recently posted a photo that was stolen from blackandyellowdoodles (I did not know this). I have deleted that post and will go to my other social networks and do the same thing. I apologize to blackandyellowdoodles and want to know what I can do to support your work further. 

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Treat yourself!

This episode originally aired on October 13th.

Today is Treat Yo Self Day!

♪♪treat yo self 2014♪♪

So no relevant at all to the topic of SOFFA, but it is important to take care of yourself in a responsible way. So, treat yourself today! (and a little bit everyday after today!)

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Bisexual Books looking for more transgender contributers!


We’re looking for more contributors to join us here at Bisexual Books!

Sadly we can’t pay you. This is a labor of love. However, in exchange for your labor you’ll be joining three kick-ass bisexuals who are passionate about the power of stories and information to improve the lives of real people. We’re creative, open to new ideas, and very flexible when real life takes priority.

Now down to business.

We feel like we’ve got this cis thing covered, so we’re looking for 1-2 transgender bisexuals to join our motley crew. We’re using transgender as an umbrella term here so as long as you identify as trans in some way, that is good enough for us. WE ARE SO NOT ABOUT IDENTITY POLICING.

What else are we looking for? You must:

  • Be a reader, i.e. you must read for fun regularly. You self-define what this means.
  • Have the time to put up one review, essay, ask, or analysis of at least 3 paragraphs once a week. You can always do more if you’d like.
  • Pass along things of interest so we can fill up the queue
  • Speak and write in fluent English
  • Value self-definition and intersectionality
  • Be over 18 (since we review erotica here)

Some things would be neat but not required:

  • If you regularly read adult fiction (especially science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction)
  • If you read in another language than English
  • Members of historically disadvantaged communities encouraged!!!

Interested parties should email us at Tell us a little bit about yourself including your age, location, and pronouns along with a writing sample. This could be a review of a book, or a few paragraphs of something relating to bisexuality. We want something that shows us who you are and why you are awesome :)

Deadline is October 30th.

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